Assessment & Stretch

People who enjoy at least 75% or more of their job are three times more likely to succeed than people who enjoy less than 75% of their job

We’ll help you find the right people for the right job – whether they work for you already, or you’re hiring them externally. Hire or place people in roles which are aligned with their natural interests and passions.

Assessment and stretch should be a two-way assessment – measuring the degree to which the employer and employee will meet each other’s mutual needs and expectations. We believe this is the key to a great employee experience – making sure needs and aspirations are met.

Here’s a taster of what we could do for you

Know the talent in your organisation

Understand whether a person’s strong behavioural traits are genuine strengths or costly de-railers. Avoid turning your high performers into poor managers. Understand who has the potential to be an effective leader and who is better suited to specialist roles.

Job Specific Behavioural Testing and Personality Testing

Personality tests typically measure 4-20 factors. Our assessments measure 175 talent factors in only 25 minutes. Our assessments measure job specific behaviours which effectively predicts job success, engagement, and retention.

Sales Assessment Predicts Performance, Engagement and Retention

We create assessments for different variations of sales; taking into consideration the type of products sold as well as the degree of focus on prospecting, closing, or maintaining customer relationships.

Reduce recruitment administration by 70%

Technology that eliminates the need to review CVs (aside from the final candidates) and saves more than 70% of administration time by automatically ranking applicants according to how well they meet your ideal requirements.

Assess critical thinking and numerical reasoning

Assess critical thinking and numerical reasoning for specific job requirements in only 20 minutes using our adaptive QCT questionnaire that optimises the number of questions needed.

Customer Service Assessments that Predict Performance, Engagement, and Retention

Customer service specific behavioural and personality assessments to predict how well people will generate repeat business. Identify people who have the natural qualities that generate repeat business.

What makes us different?

Using Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions we can shorten your assessments and give you some really useful data! Capturing detailed information about your internal talent, or external candidates without the need for day long, and expensive assessment or development centres. Our assessments measure 175 behavioural factors that include personality, attitude, motivation, work values, interpersonal skills, engagement factors, retention factors, and behavioural competencies. Each assessment is customised to be job specific and supported with 30+ years of job performance research.

Ready to find the right people for your critical roles?