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What is quiet hiring, and why should we be doing it?

After quiet quitting, “quiet hiring” is the new workplace buzzword to be aware of.  Quiet hiring has been around for a long time, traditionally referred to as Internal Talent Mobility.  But that phrase conjures up an old model of planning career moves which was slow, opaque, subjective and out of date.  In this blog, I’ll […]

Can you be too much of an authentic leader

Can you be too much of an authentic leader?   I recently ran a Women’s Leadership Development programme, and we talked about the power of being your authentic self to be a better leader.  When we can be ourselves we are less stressed and worried about things, we make better decisions, listen better and generally […]

Why restructuring alone won’t improve performance and what to do instead.

Despite 2023 being only weeks old, nearly 15,000 jobs have been lost in the retail sector so far in 2023.  Figures released by the Centre for Retail Research (CRR) show that the majority of job losses were due to cost-reducing programmes and restructuring operations. Consulting firms McKinsey and KPMG have reported job cuts this month, […]

Why coaching could be your secret weapon in your engagement strategy

It goes without saying, employee engagement affects individual, team and organisational performance.  If you need the evidence to convince you, start by looking here.  The challenge for almost every organisation is how to genuinely engage their employees.  I see lots of activity in organisations under the banner of “employee engagement” or “employee experience”, but without […]

Top 5 Leadership Capabilities for a Post Pandemic world

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Organisations are now developing Leadership capabilities for a post pandemic world.  The COVID-19 pandemic remains among the top three concerns across all industry leaders around the world.  We have moved to a different phase of the pandemic and CEOs are switching their attention to recovery and growth, rather than survival.  Recovery and growth will be in […]

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