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Coaching is most effective when it becomes “the way that I manage people”. Many coaching courses will teach people how to hold a stand-alone coaching conversation, often using the GROW model. For many managers and supervisors this is not helpful. Imagine being able to develop your own style and coach people on a daily basis. Imagine the effect on your team’s confidence, skill levels and motivation if you were able to empower each team member to make their best decisions, come up with new ideas, admit and learn from their mistakes and solve problems collectively. This course is designed to take coaching to the next level – away from stand-alone conversations that we don’t often have time to schedule – and into your daily leadership style.

This is an action focused workshop designed to give you maximum time to practise your coaching skills with peers in a safe and supportive environment.

Is this for me?

If you manage, lead or train other people and you want to improve your own and your team’s performance, productivity and motivation – this is for you! The skills of everyday coaching can lend itself to so many aspects of your professional and personal life.

What will I learn?

You’ll know when to apply a coaching, mentoring and directive style of leadership
You’ll know how people really learn and adopt new behaviours
You’ll understand what is meant by a coaching approach and the impact it can have on individual’s and organisations’ performance
You’ll know more about key coaching skills
You’ll have experienced and practised using these coaching skills
You’ll have identified your next steps for using a coaching approach with your colleagues and know what support you need

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