Knowing about bias isn’t enough

Biases are deeply ingrained, non-conscious drivers that heavily influence every decision or judgment we make.  They help keep us alive and help us make quick decisions efficiently and stop us repeating dangerous behaviours.  But biases can also prevent us from...

We need to update the Psychological contract

We’re in the fourth industrial revolution.  There’s no escaping that fact.  The world has changed and continues to change at pace.  My 13-year-old daughter can’t believe that smart phones didn’t exist when I was in University, Google wasn’t around, and phones were...

Why can’t they hear me?!

The other day I was talking with a friend - to keep confidentiality I’ll call him Fred. It was one of those evenings. We grab a drink ready for a long overdue catch up, and he needs to let off steam…. After a day of meetings with colleagues it felt like groundhog day...

Self Reflection for Learning

Part of my mission in business is helping people understand how learning is far more effective than simply training! When I picture training, I see someone standing up in front of a classroom, flashing slides in front of them. It’s boring, it’s listening and it’s not...

Does Online Shopping mean the end of the High Street?

Each week I see another article saying roughly the same thing – online shopping will kill off high streets and close down physical shops.  Apparently, we’re turning away from visiting shops to buy, and instead are buying online; and as each retailer announces problems...

Performance Appraisals :: Where did we go wrong?

The annual performance review process, or the appraisal. I wonder what feelings these words conjure up for you? Is it an opportunity to have a great conversation with your manager about your previous year’s performance, to be open and honest about your strengths and...

What Diversity and Inclusion should really be about…..

I'm going to sound provocative, but I think it’s time to rethink diversity.  We've been talking about diversity and inclusion for too long but not really making significant inroads.  Just look at the facts: In January 2016, the UK employment rate among working age...

The Future of Leadership

I learnt the other day that the internet was only invented (created/developed?) in 1993. In 1997 Netscape was our browser of choice; the Motorola StarTac was our popular mobile phone and cordless phones in homes started to emerge. This made me consider how much the...

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