How to manage yourself and your organisation through change

Change & Versatility

change and versatility

Like tossing a pebble into a pond, change creates ripples. Know how to minimise the ripples and maximise performance

We can help you…


Predict those people who may embrace change or find change threatening


Know how to support individuals through their cycle of change


Identify potential change champions or change blockers


Help leaders to stay non-defensive and commit to mutual change


Know how to create a climate of honesty and openness where people feel safe enough to discuss difficult issues


Develop leaders who can negotiate their way through inevitable conflict in a way that supports relationships and change

Versatility can make you more successful

Leaders who can flex their behaviour to suit the circumstance are most likely to succeed in today’s changing world. The wider your repertoire of skills and behaviors, the broader you are as a person – better able to lead people, teams, and organisations to success in a rapidly-changing world.

Change is all about people

Organisations don’t change. People change. Those leaders that understand this approach change management in a people centered way. By understanding what is important to your people, and how they could respond under periods of uncertainty; great leaders adapt their plans and actions to minimise a threat response and maximise change.

One big challenge characterises leadership today – the unprecedented pace of disruptive change. Organisations who know how to disrupt and change, before being disrupted, are more capable of gaining a competitive advantage.

This type environment calls for versatile leaders who can cope with a variety of changes, and who can resolve competing priorities. Paradoxical Leadership methodology allows managers to understand this balancing act and expand their leadership capabilities to maximise organisational performance.

Ready to negotiate your way through change?