Be a better leader by knowing yourself, unleashing your awesomeness and breaking through those barriers!

From time to time we all need inspiration to try new ways of thinking and new ways of approaching the challenges we face. Human beings are programmed to repeat behaviour. Sometimes we get stuck in that repeat mode and can’t seem to break out of it. Even though we don’t get the results we want, our brain keeps us in the safe place.

A coach is here to help you achieve what you want – to make lasting change in your life, organisation or the world.

Who do we coach?

Transition Coaching

At some point we all face a change, or transition. That could be a newly promoted role, a move from one team to another, returning to work after a break or joining a new business. A coach can help you find the time and space to think through the situation and make that transition successfully.

Leadership Coaching

More people leave their manager than leave their company according to a Gallup survey. But managers aren’t super human. They are simply human. A coach can help you – or your managers – develop your confidence, authenticity and resilience to lead, relax and enjoy their jobs.

Executive Coaching

A senior leadership role can be lonely. You may feel everyone looks to you for the answer and certainty. Who do you turn to? Coaching can help you gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve development objectives or ,unlock their potential. We will simply help clarify and solve your own problems.

How does coaching work?

Our coaching programme runs for an initial 6 sessions, 60-90 minutes per conversation. We coach both online, and face to face, or a combination of both. We help you be clear on what you want to achieve, then explore how you can achieve it. We’ll challenge you. We’ll support you, but most of all we’ll help you find your own way.

Initial Meeting
To understand your context and goals. We’ll discuss the coaching process and confidentiality and make sure we can both build a strong relationship and work well together.
Goal Setting
In this session we’ll get clear on what you want to achieve – both short term goals and longer term aspirations.
Getting to Work
The next few sessions will be flexible, but focused on achieving your goals, keeping you on track and being true to yourself.
Bespoke Interventions
Depending on what you want to achieve, we will draw on a variety of tools, methodologies and profiling. All designed to help raise awareness, reflect on strengths and challenges, and focus action.

Is coaching right for you?

Can you honestly answer yes to these questions?



I have time to invest in myself
I can make and keep appointments with myself to work on this material
There is a gap between where I am now and where I want to be


I am fully willing to do the work required to get me where I want to go
I am willing to stop or change the self-defeating behaviours that limit my success
I am willing to try new things even if I am not 100% convinced they will work


Coaching is the appropriate discipline for the changes I want to make
I have the patience to take consistent action towards my goals, regardless of how immediate the results are
I have the support I need to make significant changes with ease

Ready to develop yourself or your teams with coaching?