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Thursday 13th February 2020 – 10am

Talent Management for  the Fourth Industrial Revolution

For a long time we’ve been taught the “proper” way of doing talent management. We have the processes, the paperwork and the grids. We’ve developed comprehensive processes, probably tied up with our annual appraisal scheme, and we end up with a list, calibrated and approved.

But as the nature of work is changing, traditional business models are becoming irrelevant and new generations are entering the workplace – these tried and tested talent models aren’t producing the goods. Like everything else about our world, talent management needs to change to work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In this webinar I’ll give you a framework to either review your current talent system – or a blueprint on which to base your talent system if you don’t yet have one.

If you are used to talent being a big cumbersome process, with painful assessments I’ll show you how to create an agile, conversational and outcome focused approach instead.

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