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Thursday 16 January 2010 – 10am

Employee Experience – it’s not all about table football and beers on Friday

We probably know, there is no one sure way of increasing employee engagement. A recent report by Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, found that call centre employees were proven to make more calls – and improve their selling rates – when their mood was happier. Has this report really moved on our understanding of employee engagement?

So does this provide us with the proof we need to stop talking about the link between engagement and business performance, and just start to take action to manage our employee experience? It’s the employee experience that drives engagement levels after all.

In this webinar I’ll explain why I think the employee experience should be a dialog between employee and manager, to foster a shared responsibility for engagement – and the practical steps you can take to make that move.

PS – I’m not saying that Friday beers should be stopped!…

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