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Womens Jumpstart Programme

Discover, Align and Transform. Take control of your career, expand your networks and increase your impact as a woman in a leadership position.

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Our Jumpstart Programme

When we’re faced with a sense of stagnation, disconnection, or professional demotivation, our instincts may tell us to run away, maintain the status quo or fight against everything. If this is you – now is the time to take a momentary pause – and make sure your action really counts!

Take 5 days. 5 hours to Jumpstart your career. Consider your next move, and leave with a clear plan and pathway to take yourself from:

Because deep down you know you want to:

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Additional Information

How long: 1 week, 1 hour per day. Each day you’ll be sent 30 minutes of self-directed activities to complete during that day. Then each evening at 6pm, you’ll attend a live Huddle on Zoom.

Location of the training: Blend of virtual and self-directed activities
Your Commitment: Each day (Mon-Fri) complete your daily self-directed activities (of no more than 30 minutes) and attend your Cohort’s daily (Mon-Fri) Huddle at 6pm to review and embed your learning.

Your Payback: You will leave with greater clarity on your strengths and aspirations, and with stronger thinking habits. Equipping you to Jumpstart the next stage of your Leadership Journey.

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