Leadership & Talent

Confident, capable and inspiring leaders make amazing employee experiences, blinding cultures and drive performance improvement

We don’t put people in boxes or let the process take over the conversation – after all great leadership is about people, not filling in forms.

We’ll work with you to define your leadership capabilities. We’ll identify gaps and set up development programmes that bring sustainable results. Using technology to deliver engaging learning – not training – allowing people to fully engage and deliver results.

Here’s a taster of what we could do for you

Making the transition

Does your existing leadership team have the capability to fulfil your strategic plan? Unveil critical paradoxical behaviours needed to achieve individual and team goals. Receive a step-by-step plan for the team and individual members.

Develop coaching skills

Support your managers to become better coaches by using our coaching competency report that compares their behaviours to effective coaching behaviours.

Train new managers

Determine if your high performers have leadership potential before promoting them to management. Proactively use the results to identify the high potentials in your organization and use our leadership competency analysis to quickly hone their leadership skills.

Build better teams

Team performance is critical these days. Image understanding team dynamics – having a deep understanding of the team interactions as well as how each individual’s behaviours contribute to or obstruct team objectives. Then having some clear guidelines for effective team interactions.

Build leadership pipelines

Build leadership pipelines using our Succession Planning Assessment that includes a unique dashboard system making it easy to discover who is ready to move to the next level.

Improve engagement and retention

Based on a belief that engagement is a joint responsibility between managers and employees. Find out what really matters to your talent. Discover individual’s expectations and whether or not their highest expectations are currently being met.

What people are saying

You’ve given the firm permission to have a different conversation

I get coaching now - You don't need to know about the subject to ask questions!

Not what I was expecting - and well worth the day's investment

One of the few workshops I felt at ease and comfortable to try a role play

Refreshing, challenging and so relevant to me

What makes us different?

Increasingly, leaders need to deal with apparently conflicting needs on a daily basis. Using Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions, we help managers understand this balancing act and expand their leadership capabilities to maximise the employee experience and organisational performance. We get people – and their behaviours and stress responses, that can make or break performance and enjoyment.

Ready to develop your leadership talent?