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We offer organisations bespoke, pragmatic support to get their businesses moving in the right direction.

Why Consultancy?

Is there something holding your organisation back?

Is it the way work is designed? Do you find yourself needing more managers to cope with work levels? Are you struggling to find successors for some critical roles? Is recruitment costing you a lot and not delivering the results?

Getting the best return
on your investment

Our clients come to us with a number of business issues, all with a common denominator – attracting, engaging, developing and retaining talented people to deliver unique and awesome customer experiences.

Have a look here – these are the types of things we’ve helped our clients with in the past.

Our expertise, backed up by smart diagnostic tools, can help you increase productivity, retention, performance or willingness to change.

Organisations with cultures that highly value employees and customers, and encourage leadership from everyone can increase their revenue by as much as:
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Our Services Include:

Our common theme? Building a great employee experience, so your employees

give a great customer experience. This is how we do it:

Succession planning

The world has changed and there’s intense competition for talented people in work but there simply aren’t enough skilled candidates to fill an ever-increasing number of high skilled jobs.

If you don’t succession plan you’re putting your business at risk. Without a 9 box grid insight, we’ll help you build a solid succession plan and significantly reduce this risk.

Organisational Design

The wrong organisational structure and design can reduce communication, productivity, and innovation.  
All of which is vital for an organisation to grow, thrive and be successful.

Keeping things simple, we’ll break this process down into manageable chunks and improve how your people work and interact together

Performance Management

Imagine everyone in your organisation working to their full potential? That’s what a performance system should be about.

Forget your annual appraisal and SMART objectives. Instead, we’ll help you develop a system where people know what they need to do, with the feedback, guidance and direction they need.

Engagement and Retention

Engagement is NOT an annual survey and an overall score!  We believe engagement is a shared responsibility between the employee and the organisation.

We’ll show you how to understand each individual’s engagement needs, how to satisfy those needs and retain your talented people. 

Culture and

Do you have the organisational culture and values needed to achieve your goals?  Strong cultures can increase employee engagement, commitment and reduce turnover. 

With our cultural analytics, we can help you develop the culture to drive your competitive advantage and drive behaviour.

Change and transformation

Change is the only constant. Those changes can be rocky and expensive because people can fear change if they don’t understand the reason for it. 

At its simplest, we’ll help you successfully make those changes swiftly and successfully and minimise any negative outcomes.

Read about why
people love us.

People love us because of our ability to quickly understand your business needs and translate these into pragmatic people solutions.

People come back to us because we’re human, genuinely nice people and love building lasting relationships with fun people who want to do great things!

HR Project Manager
HR Project ManagerFinancial Services
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I had the great fortune of working with Rhiannon on the delivery of a global systems integration project.

Rhiannon was instrumental in ensuring the platforms success spear heading our Group wide upskilling programme. Her personal commitment and willingness to confront the challenge of change was exceptional.

Without her personal drive, consultative mindset and unfailing customer centric approach in both responding to our ever-changing requirements and the broad development needs of our workforce we would not have effected the change we have.
Head of People Development & Training
Head of People Development & TrainingFinancial Services
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Rhiannon very quickly gets to grip with the culture of an organisation and demonstrates the perfect style to build rapport with participants.

Her creativity in the design of workshops is exceptional and the way in which she combines blending learning elements worked incredibly well with the learners at my last organisation.

I recently had the pleasure of supporting Rhiannon with over 20 workshops embedding a new online performance review system and she maintained motivation and energy at all times.
Head of Procurement
Head of ProcurementGovernment Function
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One of the biggest challenges you can undertake in your job is to arrange a team away day. My advice for you is to ensure you know what you want to achieve, pick a suitable venue but most importantly pick a facilitator who can support you to achieve what you want.

Rhiannon managed to understand our problem, the best way to approach this and how to deliver on the day. After three phone calls her understanding of who we were and what we needed to do was amazing. The only negative feedback I have had from the team is why we didn’t get her in sooner.

My thanks for a great day and keeping us focused on some big and difficult topics. Would thoroughly recommend and will certainly ask Rhiannon for more support going forward.
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