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Why great customer and employee experience needs to start with your recruitment and selection processes.

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It’s becoming more widespread to think about the candidate experience when we’re hiring.  But what about the connection between the customer experience and engaged employees? Why does great customer and employee experience need to start with your recruitment and selection processes? The selection process for supermarket front line workers has traditionally revolved around customer service […]

Boosting your Brand using your Employee Experience

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We all form expectations of a company based on what we hear or see about them.  Particularly in these days of social media, it’s become so much easier to get a feeling about a company before we even interact with them.  I believe great brands have one thing in common, their people believe in them.  […]

Why Vision, Engagement and Leadership should be at the heart of your Business Recovery Plan

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There’s no need for me to describe these past 12 months.  We know.  We’ve experienced it.  We’ve dragged ourselves through it.  And we’re just coming up for air and thinking “what’s next?”.  It’s these reasons the foundation of an organisation’s post pandemic recovery plan should be Leadership, Vision and Employee Engagement. Previously close knit teams […]

Post pandemic rules of employee engagement

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Digital transformation has enabled organisations to completely reimagine the way they work and manage people. Digital collaboration software allows us to work from any location and reliable video conferencing platforms help us communicate. We have a data centric approach to decision-making, powered by a combination of human and artificial intelligence. The voice of the consumer […]

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