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Talent Roundtable

Stop re-using the same talent processes that don’t work. Find your tribe to help you rethink traditional Talent Strategy and come up with something new, simple and effective.

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Our Talent Roundtable

With widening skill gaps, and development and internal talent mobility becoming high priorities, the old model of planning career moves is slow, subjective and out of date. HR Professionals trying to respond to those challenges are looking for agile, employee-centric approaches to talent management.

There are so many HR Professionals feeling the same as you. Deep down you know there must be a better way!

How will this roundtable help you?

Being part of a supportive community of HR professionals can empower you to make a lasting impact as an HR Professional.

Seize this opportunity to connect, learn, and grow with us.

How does it work?

We meet once a month, online, with a chosen talent and development hot topic.

It is a facilitated discussion, where people can speak freely without worrying about their words being directly linked back to them outside of the session.

There’s no commitment to attend each month, come when the topic is of interest and you’re able to dedicate 1 hour to listening, sharing and discussing.

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